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Impression 3D – Fabriquer un porte clé Tinkercad

We always wanted a personalized Keyring, like the one with our initials or name on it. Finally with the help of 3D Printing we will be able to make. Thus, by the end of this tutorial, you will surely learn how to design a Keyring on your own.
Follow the steps below to start designing:

Open TinkerCAD, click on New Design.
The blue-coloured grid where all the designing will take place. It’s called Workplane.
In order to design a keyring, first, we need to look for a cubical shape. The right side of the page has a drop-down menu where the default is Basic Shapes.

Because we need a cube-like shape for our keyring, we are going to select the shape that says Box from the Basic Shapes menu. We then drag it and drop it on the workplane.

Now that we’ve placed the cube on the workplane, we’re going to reshape it to make it resemble a keyring.

The white boxes at the edges of the cube can be used for the same purpose.

Also, you can adjust the size by typing the measurements in the box that appear after we hover over on the box.

Click on the ViewCube to rotate the design if you want.Creating a new design
To go back to the default view of the workplane, click on the Home view control right below the ViewCube.
Now it’s time to add a hole in the cube to make space for the ring.

To make a hole, you can drag a cylinder from the shapes menu on the right side and drop it on the workplane.
Then adjust the size of the cylinder and shrink its laterals so that its radius decreases to one that’s suitable for a hole. Now, drag the cylinder and position it on the keyring exactly where you want the hole to be.

There is a small menu on the side with two options; one that says Solid (this will show a solid color) and the second one on its right side that says Hole (this one will show two shades of grey). Click on Hole.
When you click on Hole, the solid color of the cylinder will disappear and it will turn transparent with the exception of a cylindrical outline around it.Adding a cylinder to the design

Now, to create a hole in the cube, we need to group both the shapes (the cylinder and the cube) together.

To do this, press Ctrl + A on the keyboard. A blue outline will appear on both the shapes. On the top right of the workplane, there is an option to group both these shapes. You can also group the shapes by pressing Ctrl + G on the keyboard.Group the two shapes

When you successfully group the two shapes together, a hole will appear in the cube; this hole is where you can put the ring in.

We’ve designed our keyring and you can also to give it a personal touch.

To do that, you can write your name or a personal message on it.
Then d
rag that and drop the TEXT shape on the workspace. When you place this on the workspace, you’ll see a menu appear on the right. In this menu, you can type your name or anything of your choice in the dialogue box right below the two circles that say Solid and Hole.Adding the text

Once you’ve typed in the text, drag it to the keyring and adjust its size accordingly. Group both the shapes.Adjusting the text size
Then download it or Export it on your Computer and open in CURA to slice it.
Finally, download the gcode and 3D Print your Keyring.

Thus, you have successfully made a personalized Keyring using 3D Printing Technique.

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